Antwerp Poster Festival 2020
Branding Typography Webdesign

Antwerp Poster Festival (APF) is an event aimed at promoting graphic design and creative thinking in Antwerp. With its international appeal, APF strives to present a broad spectrum of styles and visions in the field of graphic design. For this second edition of APF - the first festival of its kind in Belgium - we want to know what your vision is as a designer, in short What's Your Type? We hope to welcome and inspire professionals, creatives and non-creatives alike at this second edition of the Antwerp Poster Festival. The open call is still running so be sure to check APF2020 and join us!

Concept & Design: ssnn
Logo Animation: Remy M. Ndow
Typography: Typelab
Event Photography: Erine Wyckmans
Scenography: Robin Schijfs