TEDx Antwerp
Identiteit Creative Direction

This year we were part of the organisation of TEDxAntwerp 2018. We took the roll as creative direction managing the graphic design and social media. We always start our designproces by researching the subject, in this case TEDxAntwerp. Antwerp has a very rich history and with 2018 being the year of Baroque it was logical to have this as a starting point. The 17th century in Antwerp was an amazing age of art and technology. We noticed how Antwerp at that time was just like the TED community. Both communities were/are filled with great minds from all disciplines. That’s why we chose to highlight four amazing people living in Baroque Antwerp that were exceptional in their discipline. By placing their image into a geometric cross to reference the 'x' they became part of the TED community. This cross became the center of the branding which led to patterns being created for the banners, animations to announce the speakers and a video mapping on stage.

Motion Design: Remy M. Ndow
Event Photography: Ludovica & Sluytertijd